2017 Nikhil writes:

I am a budding data scientist looking for fertile grounds to grow and educate myself.

My most recently acquired expertise in Machine Learning is in Collective Entity Resolution (thank you Professor Lise Getoor). I have experience developing distributed systems, and scaling machine learning by orders of magnitude, both for the purpose of large-scale Entity Resolution (thank you Eriq). I also have 3 months of experience working on comparing various Information Extraction research tools, specifically Open IE and Knowledge Graph Identification using Probabilistic Soft Logic (thank you Professor Jay Pujara).

My interest in Natural Language Processing goes back 5 years and I have worked on Automatic Speech Recognition output enhancement, and question answering in the business and music domain, followed very recently by sarcasm detection on tweets.

2015 Nikhil wrote:

I’m a Master’s Student at UCSC interested in Natural Language Processing – Question Answering in particular, and Machine Learning – although I’m not sure what aspect of ML I want to settle on yet. One part of getting through the Grad program is figuring out what I want to contribute to in Computer ScienceĀ  (Inner voice – Ya, good luck with that), and the other is just learning a lot of self-discipline and responsibility (Inner voice – Haha) and in general, becoming a more positive person. The other part – the education – will be a happy side effect.

In Grad school, I would like to learn more about Machine Learning, and publish at least one good paper in NLP, and decent papers in whatever courses might require me to publish papers. At the very least, I’d like to have more specific goals by the end of one year.

I’m also very interested in music in general, and also in music retrieval research. I’m interested in infusing either a music or NLP flavour in any research that a class might require me to undertake.

This, is me
This, is me